How to Get the Perfect Lightweight Pet Hair Vacuum

If you’re a pet owner, you know that pets always shed their fur and according to research, a house cat can shed up to 80,000 hairs a day – Yes, that’s mind-blowing! With people mostly focused on the hustle and having little to no time to clean, thus there’s always pet hair build up on your floors and rugs which can quickly go from annoying to disgusting in a matter of days.

So, with you being chosen to host the monthly Poet Society Party, you’re looking for a quick way to clear out the pet hair and dust build up in your home. You bought a pet hair vacuum a few years back, but it seems to have either lost it’s suction or something’s just wrong with it since it’s not working.

You have a limited budget, and now you’re looking for a less costly way to ensure that the vacuum works appropriately and wow your guests as they come to discuss the workings of the Great Maya Angelou.

Well, here’s are some incredible vacuum cleaner hacks that you can DIY:

Try Using A Cardboard Tube

You can always get a crevice tool since it allows you to reach those hard-to-reach areas around your home. However, a cardboard tube gets in the skinniest spots like the narrow sliding door track.

So, you can hold the cardboard tube over the nozzle and then squish it hard into the offending space.

Similarly, you can use an empty paper towel tube onto the end of your vacuum’s hose and use it to get into those crevices and window tracks. You can also try crushing up the tube’s edges to ensure it gets into that space without a struggle.

Try Adding Some Masking Tape

To avoid getting any scuff marks on your walls, try using some masking or painter’s tape to tape up the sides of your hoover. That way, you can work more efficiently without continually worrying about messing up your wall and doorway as you go.

Scoop in Some Cinnamon and Baking Soda

If you have stinky shedding pets, you can try adding some cinnamon to your vacuum cleaner’s bag. The sweet-scented spice will help cover up any pet odour that” ll linger in your vacuum system and emanate a stuffy smell when you vacuum.

If you’re cleaning some challenging spots, or impossible, you can try first sprinkling some baking soda and then let it sit there for 30 minutes. It’ll quickly absorb any odours and then vacuum it away with other dust, pet hair and dirt particles.

Ditch the Carpet Dents with Some Ice

Are you planning on rearranging your furniture for the party? Well, you can erase the ghost of chairs past by placing ice cubes on the dent and waiting for them to melt.  The water will make sure that the fibres swell and get back to their original shape. You can then run a vacuum cleaner over the spot to allow them to stand up again, and voila! Your home will be good as new.

Clear the Brush Roller with A Sturdy Seam Ripper

If you try cleaning up the pet hairs and you get a tangly snag near the vacuum cleaner’s mouth, take the agile seam ripper and get rid of the stubborn knot of hair. There’s no need to ruin your perfectly manicured fingers trying to do the impossible.

Using the Brush Attachment Makes Dusting Easier

Make sure that you use the dusting brush on your drapes, lampshades, bookcases, mirror frames, or areas where there’s a lot of dust buildup.                 

You don’t have to struggle cleaning your home. With these simple hacks, you can quickly clean your house and host the most memorable party for your fellow poets.