Sexuality in Literature

Victorian Sexuality in Literature

Despite the familiar air of propriety so commonly associated with the Victorian Age, sex and sexuality were overtly portrayed and unofficially endorsed by many of the era’s most prominent writers. Novels like Thomas Hardy’s Jude the Obscure depicted the two aforementioned taboos as sources of legitimate happiness as well as catalysts for ultimate suffering. Though …

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Poetic Discourse 2

New Modes of Poetic Discourse

New Modes of Poetic Discourse in the Poetry of the Romantic Period: Wordsworth, Blake and Coleridge Wordsworth and Coleridge, in the Preface to the 1800 version of the Lyrical Ballads, state the following: “The majority of the following poems are to be considered as experiments. They were written chiefly with a view to ascertain how …

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Poetic Feather

Robert Frost’s Poem Mowing

Robert Frost’s lyrical poem, ‘Mowing’, is rich in poetical elements that fuse together to form an organic whole. The poem’s employment of sound, rhythm, and tone, for example, and its simple yet effective evocation of subject matter bring the various strands of the poem together to create a number of unusual poetic effects. The first-person …

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